Friday, November 8, 2013

Project # 15, PBL #3

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  1. Hi Shanda!

    This is a really cool project that your group has created! I have a couple of questions about it, though.

    1. I know it says that they will be introduced to the Mayflower, but will they be shown any pictures? Or will they take what the were told and make up how they think the ship will look?

    2. How long do you plan to work on this each day? I noticed on day one, you have many things to do, such as, introduce the Mayflower, draw a picture, introduce hardships, discover tools and methods used by Indians, and make feast collages. To me, it just seems like a lot of stuff, especially for a kindergarten class.

    Other than those questions, I thought this lesson was very neat! Keep up the good work!