Sunday, November 3, 2013

C4Ks for October

On my first C4K assignment this month, I was assigned to Alexa. This post seemed to be just a check-in post. She was excited to tell everyone that her class blog finally had 102 followers! She was just telling us things that were going on with her class through out the week. They had a visitor named Kathy come to their classroom and teach them what foods are healthier than others, she called Ms. Kathy the Hy-Vee lady. I am not quite sure what Hy-Vee would be, but she gave them an apple, pencil, and a stress ball so I was assuming some type of nurse. She told us that her class were finished with T.N.T which stood for Today Not Tomorrow projects and they finished their presentations. They didn't have school the Monday before she wrote this post because it was a holiday. She and her classmates participated in a heart walk with a buddy. She along with her classmates were learning about run-on sentences. Alexa was proud to let us know that she finished her geometry test. She also added at the end of her post that her class had a great day in music. My response to Alexa I started out my response letting Alexa know who I was and what brought me to her blog post. I told her how excited I was that she and her classmates had 102 followers, I know they were all excited about that! I told her that we too did not have class that Monday! I explained to her that I had the whole day off because we didn't have school and I didn't have to work either! I also told her that I enjoyed seeing what she was learning in school at that time. I told her that I always wanted her to always remember what she has learned, because she will never know when she will use it later on! I went on to tell her that I was using elementary geometry right now in my fourth year of college! I then told her to keep up the good work and to always be excited about school and learning! I also told her I was glad that she enjoyed her music class and I also asked her, "What instrument do you play?". I then left her the link to my BlogSpot just in case she wanted to take a peak at it sometime! I always end by telling my C4K's thanks for sharing!!

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