Sunday, November 24, 2013

Blog Post # 14

I plan on teaching 4th-6th grade. My project is going to be self awareness. I want to teach my students to be aware of themselves and also empower them to realize their own potential to effect positive change in the world. I am going to have my students create a website in which they do a number of things. 1. They are to describe themselves. 2. I want them to tell me their dreams. 3. They will write me a story on how they could/would change the world into a better place. 4. Share their page on our class blog. 5. A picture of themselves. 6. A quote that describes them to everyone 7. each student will think of one thing for all students in the class to add to their website. Ex: class picture, family photo, favorite sports team, etc. 8. Decorate their page to show personality. This is an example. This is just some of the requirements, but it shows a start to the assignment.

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