Sunday, November 17, 2013

November C4K

For my first C4K of November, I was assigned to Ava. Her class was having a writing test, and she posted a story. I thought it was rather interesting so I copied and pasted it to this post so you all could see it too! I am not sure how writing test work, I think she may have made this story up herself or she could possibly be retelling a story she was read for her test. She did a great job for her age! This is her story:

-  There once was a boy his name was Josh, he is 10 years old and he lived on a farm. Josh called for his dad, but there was no answer. Then he called for his dad again, but still no answer, then he heard a whisper saying ‘‘help me sonnnnnn,” then it was gone. That night he had a dream that his dad pulled a prank on him, and hissed “that there are no such things as ghost.” But josh yelled “ where have you been,” then his dad was gone. Josh ran and ran and ran till he woke up. the next day, josh heard someone laughing in the attic. So he walked up the ladder, and saw his dad laughing. Josh said “where have you been i have been looking all over for you i thought you were died, ” and his dad said “ it was a prank.” THE END

For my response to Ava's post I explained to her who I was and that I was a student at the University of South Alabama. I told her that South was located in the United States and was in Mobile Alabama. I told her that I was hopefully going to be a fifth grade teacher when I graduate. I explained to her about EDM310 and the process we follow for our C4K's and explained that is how I found her blog! I told her that I enjoyed her story, and asked her did she make the story up herself? I told her that it was very creative. I went on to tell her that I liked 5th grade a lot when I was a younger student. I visited her blog earlier in the week and saw a slide show she made where she posted her favorite artists and groups, I noticed she included Bruno Mars, so I had to let her know that I liked his music as well!  I wished her a great year and left my BlogSpot address just in case she wanted to visit it one day. I thanked her for her post.

For my second C4K of November I was assigned to Miriam's blog. On her most recent post, she described a piece of music which was Canon in D major. She also talks a lot about the composer of the piece. I learned a lot from her post. She said that every few months she and Sarah, her sister, learn a few violin and piano duets. The Canon in D major by Johan Pachelbell is one of her favorites. She lists a lot of facts about the composer and the actual piece of music.  She says that this piece has a lot of emotion and has a lot of  challenging parts. At the end of her blog post she adds a video of her and Sarah performing the song. That was a great touch!

In response to this blog post, I started out by saying I was a student at the University of South Alabama. I explained to her about EDM310 and the process we follow for our C4K's and explained that is how I found her blog! I then told her that both she and Sarah were incredibly talented. I really enjoyed reading her blog post because it was very informative. I told her that I loved that she added a video at the end so we could hear and see her perform! She did amazing. I told her to keep up the hard work because she was already so talented at such a young age. She also has very good writing skills and a great vocabulary. I always make sure to tell them thanks for sharing!



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