Monday, December 9, 2013

Blog Post # 16 Final Reflection


Part 1

When I started this class, I was overwhelmed by all the new things I was going to be introduced to. In my first blog post, I wrote about keeping the basics utilized in my classroom. When I said basics, I was mainly talking about paper, pencils, textbooks, chalkboards, and whiteboards. I am amazed at how far my opinion has changed throughout the process of this course. For instance, I wanted my students to complete a report using no technology, I do think that I will assign this once. I just want them to know how to research topics and find the correct information using an encyclopedia or text based source. I have enjoyed learning all the knew items like podcasting, blogging, PBL, and video journals. I will be implementing all of these technology based learning tools into my classroom. I will definitely have a Project Based classroom. I can barely wait to use these tools in my class. I am very interested in keeping a class blog. Maybe one day, I will be the teacher of a class with a blog that future EDM310 students have to comment on for their weekly C4K's. I want to keep my students up to date with the technology as it becomes available. I do not want them to be like myself, 26, just now learning these methods and tools. I think we should stay up to date with the technologies. They are constantly changing and soon will be taking over the world. Technology helps to engage students in many creative ways. I believe that they will learn more while interacting on computers and iPads than they would just reading from their text books. I definitely have changed my opinion from blog post 1 and I hope that I can make learning fun for my students! I can't wait to put my technology knowledge to use in my classroom! Thank you, Dr. Strange, for all of the "overwhelming" assignments! Part 2

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